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Imagine Your Dream Reality...

It is possible!

Become an active CREATOR

 rather than a passive observer 

in the process of your own life.

How has the law of attraction worked for you so far? 



Vision Boards?


When The Whole

Law of Attraction Stuff Sounds Like

Too Much Work..

Maybe There Are Other Ways

To Manifest Abundace, Love And A Beautiful Life?

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 8.09.35 PM.png
  • You are a Spiritual Being, Divine Soul having a temprorary physical experience.

  • The human lifespan on Earth is about a 100 years! I bless you with long, happy, and healthy life, but realistically you can't wait forever for things to show up. Time is limited for all of us. 

  • What if we learned tools and techniques to manifest our dreams faster? What we call magic is simply a way to understand the natural laws of the Universe and apply them more effectively. 


Who Are The Angels?

Angels are beings who live beyond the human world. They are real. They don't have physical bodies, but they can communicate with us telepathically. Angels are much more advanced in their understanding of reality and the Divine Laws of the Universe. They can teach us helpful ways to use our power as co-creators to manifest our soul dreams and desires.  

7-Day Manifestation Marathon Is 

ALL-YOU-NEED -TO-KNOW educational and practical course to master the art of manifestation.  


You will get over 20 hrs recorded online classes with Josie, including meditations and Q&A.


*Angelic Initiation Ritual. Opening to receive Divine Guidance and connecting with special Angels of Manifestation.  


You will learn all about Angels and how they help you with manifesting. Learn 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation. Connect with Angelic Guides through meditation.

Perform a special initiation ritual to bring powerful Angelic presence into your life. 


*Identifying the desires of the soul. Working with 12 laws of manifestation. 

Learn how to recognize the voice of your soul and identify your true soul desires. Your soul's desires are the dreams of the Universe Itself, and therefore, they will be easily manifested. Your soul's desires naturally lead you to greater happiness and abundance.  Working with the soul desires to create a unique "Desire Sigil."


*Connecting to soul frequency.  Elevating your energy to connect with the higher mind for  faster manifestation process. Special visualization practices and tools.


Activating Soul's Primary Feelings. Clearing resistance and removing blockages to manifestation. Identifying and removing mental obstacles to manifesting. Initiating powerful energy clearing technique with healing Angels.


* Releasing desire sigil into the Universe for manifestation

Resetting the creative process of manifestation. Steps for the future and how to manifest in the New Earth years and times of Ascension. 

USD $199

Limited Time Offer

Plus 2 Workshops with Josie

"Full Energy Protection 101"

"Numbers: Decode Secret Language

Of The Universe" 

($60 value) 


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