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Angel Membership Benefits:

  • Daily personal blessings and prayers from Josie.


Every day I perform a powerful Angelic invocation ritual and send healing energy and blessings to all members. You and your loved ones will be mentioned in my daily prayers for peace, health, protection, and wellbeing.


  • Monthly 30-min.  Healing Meditation, and channeled energy from Angels.

  • Monthly Full Energy Update. Everything you need to know about the psychic energy forecasts for the upcoming month.

Archangel Membership Benefits

All benefits of Angel Membership option  ($11 value)



Monthly virtual energy attunement on the New Moon (15-minute invocation ritual).


Monthly Full Moon Mantra energy meditation to manifest specific intentions. ($19 value)


Monthly 1 hr Q@A with Josie. Ask any question! 


Monthly 90-minute Masterclass on intuition and psychic development ($33). Upcoming classes for 2018


Secrets of chakra work for healing and energy (August)


10 Specific ways to work with Archangels for daily guidance (September)


10 powerful mantras for the manifesting your desires (October)


10 most common signs from the Universe and their meaning (November)


Are you a teacher or healer? Learn your own unique energy profile (December).


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