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Today's Healer: Archangel Raphael


Element: Water (Divine Feminine)


Chakra: Heart Center


Breath Clearing (In Today's Healing Session): Pure Water Sequence

1. Up the right leg

2. The right side of the abdomen

3. Right chest-heart center-left chest

4. Down the left side of the abdomen

5. Left Leg 

6. Earthing


Invocation: Archangel Raphael

Divine Healer, I call upon sacred waters of Mother Earth to heal my heart from pain. Fill my heart with pure love, joy and creative power now.

I am free. I am healed. 

I am free. I am healed.

I am free. I am healed.


Practices: Follow Daily 4 B's

Watch Day FOUR Healing Session

4. Day Four. Healing Session

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