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Day ONE: The Law of Generosity

7-Day Miracle Challenge

Happy New Year 2020, and welcome to the 7-day free miracle challenge!

Get ready for magic and miracles! Start your decade with a miracle. 


I will teach you a secret process of manifestation with Angels. 


You will need: a glass with drinking water, and a compass to find the right direction.


First, decide a miracle you want to manifest. It's ok if you are not 100% sure about it. Choose the first one that comes to mind. Angels know your soul's desire, and they will guide you to it. Every time you receive a miracle, acknowledge and thank the Divine Love for it.


You are about to learn seven laws of miracles. Every day you will receive an email with the new law and its audio invocation. Do the invocation any time once a day.

Every day for seven days, I will give you the name of the specific Angel to help you manifest your miracle. Please check your email DAILY after 7 am EST.


Follow the instructions and manifest your miracles with Angels. 

Let's get started! 


Your Miracle Angel of the day is Emmanuel.

He is assisting you in the manifestation of your miracle.​

Let's begin the invocation.

Prepare a glass of clean drinking water (no plastic containers, please)


Find a location in your house facing east.

Sit in a comfortable position facing east.


Call upon Emmanuel, 

and say your desired miracle out loud.

Always begin with "I AM..."

For example, I am healed from pain...

I am in a happy relationship...

I'm receiving X amount of money...

I am joyful and peaceful...  

Play the audio invocation

Miracle Mantra: 

"I am open and ready to receive my miracle now. 

Aheeem, l’alam al-mein. Amen"

Drink the water, and go about your day, practicing the first law of miracles. If you need assistance, ask Emmanuel for a sign. 

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