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7-Day Miracle Challenge

Your Miracle Angel of the day is Haniel

Let's begin the invocation.

Prepare a glass with clean drinking water (no plastic containers, please)


Find the location in your house facing north direction.

Sit in a comfortable position facing north.


Call upon Haniel, and say your desired miracle out loud.


Always begin with "I AM..."

For example, I am healed from pain...

I am in a happy relationship...

I'm receiving X amount of money...

I am joyful and peaceful...  

Play the audio invocation

Miracle Mantra:  "I am open and ready to receive my miracle now. 

Aheeem, l’alam al-mein. Amen"

Drink the water, and go about your day, practicing the fourth law of miracles. If you need assistance, ask Haniel for a sign. 

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