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Personal coaching with Josie is a unique opportunity.

She successfully applies her 12-year work as a spiritual teacher, and her experience with over 10 000 personal and group sessions.


Josie is a dedicated teacher and healer who has a gift of communicating the soul of her clients.


Josie also works with Higher Beings, Angels, and Spirit Teachers and Healers, and receives guidance from the spirit world.


Coaching is a personal decision, and if you are ready to take your life, your relationship, your business to the next level this is a program for you.

In the coaching program, Josie will help you to:


✅ get clarity about your soul's journey, karmic lessons, money and relationships, family situations, and business plans

✅ clear blockages to health, happiness, and wealth

✅ understand your destiny and allow Universal guidance to lead you in the right direction

✅ get vibrational alignment with your desires, aspirations, and dreams

✅ resolve difficult situations in a harmonious way

✅ accountability and visioning for your future goals.


Option ONE: 1 Month

One-month coaching package involves:


3 60-min. sessions with Josie.

All sessions are done via zoom. Your commitment to the program is required for the best results.

Option TWO: 3 Months


90-day coaching package involves strategic planning and discussion of your specific intentions, application of astrology, channeling, numerology, Feng-Shui, and divination tools. 


The program is designed for your situation that works in alignment with your Soul's path. The soul is the domain of quantum leaps in your overall progress.  All sessions are done via zoom.


Your commitment to the program is required for the best results.  The package includes 9 60-minute sessions over the course of 3 months.

Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis

3-Session Coaching Package


Includes: 3 one-on-one

60-min. sessions with Josie.


Includes the time when Josie personally analyzes your soul's profile (30-60 minutes in addition to sessions).

90-Day Coaching Package


In-depth, individually designed coaching package.

Includes 9 60-min sessions with Josie over the period of 3 months. 

Includes an additional 60-minute time period when Josie personally analyzes your soul's profile.