Angelic Mediumship



Angels are the messengers of Divine Love. They are always around you, whether you are aware of their presence or not. Mediumship is the process of developing higher intuitive abilities to see, hear and feel Angels in your everyday life. 


This 14-day course will change your relationship with Angels forever. It will give you the right tools to recognize and connect with them. 


You will understand the meaning of signs along with messages from your own Guardian Angel, Angels, and Archangels. 


You will use your intuition and inner guidance to respond to Angels, and ask them specific questions. 


Course Description: 



  • TWO 60-minute  Classes PLUS 90-minute Q&A. Watch at any time.


  • 6 specific Angelic meditations


  • Other daily practices include performing an invocation and 5-minute journaling


This process is tested and proven to work!  But you need to be willing to do the work.


Plus, you will receive additional bonus material:



  • How To See Auras mini course


  • "11 Powerful prayers to say when you see 11:11" E-book by Josie


  • "Meet Your Spirit Guide" meditation.


Consistency will allow you to gradually increase your energy and awareness of Angels around you.


You have a 30-day full money back guarantee if this course doesn't work for you.


I have been teaching psychic development and mediumship online for over 4 years now, and over 1000 people have taken my programs with great results. 


Course Description
 Week One Video Class

Tap into your intuitive abilities. Learn two main types of intuition and your #1 psychic sense.

Understand your energy body through chakras and prana channels. Learn to feel energies around you.

Understand your energy body through chakras and prana channels. Learn to feel energies around you.

Raising energy frequency. Feeling good, feeling peaceful, feeling grateful. Create present moment awareness.

Dimensions and hierarchy of Angels. Recognizing the frequency and vibration of Angelic energies.


Week One Meditations

 Meditation One. Clearing energy. Let go of energy that occupies your mental and psychic space. Make room for new Angelic energy to connect with you. 

Meditation Two. Opening Higher Intuitive Senses. Activate your inner vision abilities.


Guardian Meet your Meditation Three.

Angel. Learn to connect with your own personal Angels.

Week Two Video Class
 Principles of Angelic communication with human beings.

Learn to recognize the signs from Angels.

Recognize the powerful presence of Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael in your life. 

Signs and symbols of Angelic presence in daily experiences and specific situations.

Healing with Angels. Use Angelic energy for self-healing and forgiveness. 

Week Two Meditations 

 Meditation One. Meet your Angelic soul group. See how Angels work in collaboration to assist your daily needs. 
Meditation Two. Tapping into Higher Angelic realms. Connecting with Primary Archangels.

 Meditation Three. Ask Angels. Learn to ask specific questions and receive guided answers. 


BONUS MEDITATION: Healing with Angels. Generating Angelic energy for physical recovery, and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions



How long will it take for me to see the results?


Every individual is different.  On average, the 14-days course is optimal for seeing measurable results in communication with Angelic beings. Your success in the program depends on your ability to utilize the learning materials and fully commit to the process. I want to give you the best tools I have to communicate with your Angels. 


What if the program does not work for me?


You have 30 days to try it out and decide whether the program is working for you or not. 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked!  My purpose is to help you achieve serious results that require the personal investment of time and energy. Try this program and decide for yourself.


English is not my first language. Can I still take the program?


The program is recorded in the English language, including all learning materials and meditations. You need to have adequate language skills to complete the program. 


Do I have to do all meditations and other practices? 


Even if you are an experienced intuitive, you will greatly benefit from positioning yourself as a student, and starting from the basics. The practical part of the program takes about 15 minutes every day. If you don’t have extra 15 minutes per day, I will discourage you from taking this course. You will simply not achieve the results you desire. 

Included in Your Learning Package: 

Two 60-minute Video Classes with Bonus Q&A.
PDF Workbook and Instructions Guide
5 Meditations strategically designed to attune your intuitive abilities  
PLUS a Bonus Healing Meditation.

Plus, you will receive additional bonus material:

How To See Auras mini course


"11 Powerful prayers to say when you see 11:11" E-book by Josie


"Meet Your Spirit Guide" meditation.

Learn at your own pace 
Access on mobile or desktop
Once completed, the program is yours for life
I am convinced this program is the right choice on your path
of spiritual growth.
The success of my students speaks for itself.  Read testimonials HERE
30-day full money back guarantee. No questions asked!
Give it a try and decide for yourself.
Course Fee: $99
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to create and represent the most up-to-date program on psychic mediumship, and its potential. Your personal success with this program depends on your commitment and ability to utilize the learning materials. You have up to two weeks to decide whether this program is working for you or not, and cancel it with a 30-day money back guarantee. 
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